"Class C" Electrical License


"Class C" electrical contractor is defined as any person engaged in the business of installing electrical wiring, installing pipe and conduits containing electric wiring, and installing and connecting any limited apparatus that are connected electrically to an electric system. This classification is limited to residential structures with a supply system voltage not exceeding two hundred and fifty volts.
Alex Polonski


Sample Questions from the test:

1. Service is _____________ .
A. The conductors & equipment for delivering electrical energy from the serving utility to the wiring system.
B. The conductors from the electrical pole to the building.
C. The equipment to shut off the power to the building.
D. None of them.

2. The minimum current rating of 3-wire service-entrance conductors for one-family dwelling is _____________ .
A. 60A
B. 100A
C. 125A
D. 200A