CPC Hall of Fame 

Svyatoslav Maryan

Facility Manager
Lawrence Hall Youth Services Association
One of the best chiller specialists
Saved company thousands of dollars

Edis Denic

Assistant of Chief Engineer
Institute of Cultural Affairs
Got this position at age 25!
Runs an 8-story building

Vasil Morgunov

Chief Engineer
Park Place Condominium
Largest residential complex in the U.S.
(Speaks for itself)

Vladimir Rozenberg

Technical Training Specialist
Instructs Metra electricians on how to handle HVAC systems

Vitaly Chikiris

Head of HVAC Dptmt
Arun Enterprises
In charge of HVAC for 5 large malls
Acquired lots of responsibility


Vladimir Vilinetsky

Foreman Electrician
Response Electric
Excellent student; was very dedicated and received a foreman position

Leonid Vainer

HVAC&R Engineer
Prudent Energy
Excellent position for his skills
Developed energy plan

Rifat Syed

One of our best students
Earned title of engineer


Oleg Melkumov

Service Manager
LES Heating & Cooling
Bought supplies on his own
Became manager by the next day

Sergey Kirov

Building Engineer
Neiman Marcus
Worked hard in class and achieved his goal

Anatoliy Nenokulchitsky

Assistant of Building Engineer
Neiman Marcus
Began fixing furnaces for his neighbors and got great results

Alex Dyadenko

Chief Engineer
Bobak Sausage Company
Excellent position for his skills
Started as a maintenance technician and now runs the maintenance department

Willie Backus

Carmelite Carefree Village
Started in entry level position
Now in charge of Maintenance


Alexandr Drozdoy

Railroad Electrician
United Pacific Railroad
He is the Minister for Free Will Church and becoming an electrician at age 55

Alex Kart

Electrical Maintenance
National Pizza
At the age of 65, he finished school and found his dream job

Joseph Naujokas

Appliance Technician
Excellent 60-year-old whol loves his new job

Alex Grenader

Director of Maintenance
Peterson Park Health Care

Always knew what he wanted and finally got the position of his dreams


Vilson Gumila

Maintenance Manager
Gerlin Inc.
Enrolled in our school to receive certifications to improve job opportunities

Ken Vasiliev

Director of Maintenance
Greek American Rehabilitation
Excellent communication skills and knowledge base in his field

David Martin

Building Engineer

TLC Management

Worked hard in class and achieved his goal


Alex Busel

Assistant of Chief Engineer
Habitat Corp.
Great student who worked hard to achieve his goals




Boris Tashlitsky

Facility Manager
Water Saver Faucet
Very intelligent professional, highly attentive to details