Chicago Professional Center is approved to accept veteran benefits

We are proud to announce that Chicago Professional Center is now approved by Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) to accept the GI Bill . This approval recognizes non-college credited certificate programs.

Please be aware that any student who wishes to enroll at Chicago Professional Center must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or it's equivalent, as well as previous technical experience. Prospective students may be required to take a basic handyman placement test.

The following programs are approved for American Veterans:

1. Residential HVAC Technician /Electrician   -   103 hours 18 weeks
2. Residential & Commercial HVAC/Electrician   -   147 hours 24 weeks
3. HVAC Technician/Electrician   -   195 hours 24 weeks
4. HVAC Technician/Electrician/Maintenance PLC   -   288 hours 44 weeks

Certificate of Approval