Electrical Seminars

In order to get help you to secure a better job, we are continuously running 6 electrical license preparation seminars. All seminars are free for our students.

All possible questions that students could face on a closed book electrical license examinations will be carefully studied. The National Electrical Code Book is very difficult to master. Our seminar will teach you how to use the NEC in a right way.

Photo: Student answering instructor's question.

Sample Questions from Suburban Electrical License Examination:

1. Service is _____________ .
A. The conductors and equipment for delivering electrical energy from the serving utility to the
wiring system
B. The conductors from the electrical pole to the building
C. The equipment to shut off the power to the building
D. None of them

2. The minimum current rating of 3-wire service-entrance conductors for one-family
dwelling is
_____________ .
A. 60A
B. 100A
C. 125A

D. 200A

3. What is the smallest copper wire size allowed for service-entrance conductors?
A. # 10 AWG
B. # 8 AWG
C. # 12 AWG
D. # 4 AWG